Saturday, 24 November 2007

Well, the winter weather didn't stop Zoë and I yesterday. It was a bit rough though. Because I wanted to do some heavy duty grocery shopping while out, I decided to pop her into her stroller instead of carrying her in her sling. (I did carry the sling with us - just in case) She was actually ok about it for the most part, which is unusual. And she was certainly warmer than I was since she had on her wool jacket, inside her cuddle bag and covered by two blankets. In fact, she complained loudly if I didn't uncover her when we were inside stores and was completely calm when we were outside.
For once, she wasn't what was giving me a headache. It was the stroller. It's a 10 yr old stroller that was handed down to me from my brother. It's in pretty good condition and I had no probems with it up until now. But let me tell you, pushing that sucker through the ice, snow and slush was hell. If I had had my choice (and the money to go with it) I would have gotten a stroller with tires that were meant to take on the winter. As it was, when the stroller wasn't skidding on the ice, it was getting hung up on the snow.
On the way home, I decided to put her into her sling because I thought she might want to eat. That made matters even worse. Since my old winter boots exploded last winter, I don't have a good pair of boots. I was in my runners and terrified I was going to slip while carrying her. I eventually had to put her back into the stroller for my peace of mind!
This will not deter us though! I can put up with the stroller if it means getting out of the house regularly, although I reserve the right to continue to bitch about it all winter. And this just gives me a good reason to buy new boots!

And here she is at 11 weeks plus one more close up in her Godzilla T-shirt.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Today Zoë and I went to the library baby story time for the first time. I was really glad to get out of the house, but I have to say the timing of it could be better. It starts at 10am which is just about the time she gets sleepy after being up for two or three hours. A couple of the other moms there said they also had that problem. She's also still a bit young to fully appreciate it, but the other parents there are nice. I will try and make it a regular outing for the two of us.

Last week's doctor's appointment went as well as could be expected. The needles were a bit traumatic for everyone concerned but since they managed to do them while I was breastfeeding her, I think she forgot about it almost immediately. Joe and I still remain scarred though.
She weighed in at 9lb 9oz and was 23 1/2" long. No wonder she is starting to grow out of some of her sleepers. We also had to start buying the next size up in diapers. She had been wearing the newborn size up until earlier this week but they were definitely getting small on her. Thank goodness the cloth diapers we are using at home don't have such a small size range. The ones that aren't 'one size fits all' mostly go up to about a 15lb limit, so I have a bit of time yet until I have to buy more of those.

That's it for now, so I leave you with week 9 and 10 as well as a bonus close up. (in week 9 the sleeper she is a size 3-6mos which explains why it is so huge on her!)

(thanks to Stephanie for the last one!)

Monday, 5 November 2007

I don't know why I haven't posted in over a week, I guess things just get away from me so easily these days.
It was her 2 month birthday on Friday. It feels like so much longer (in a good way). I can barely remember our life before her. Of course that could be the tiredness talking. She has changed a lot in the two months. She has most decidedly grown out of the newborn sized clothes that we have and is starting to fill out the 0-3month clothes. She's holding her head up consistently (it still flops when she's tired though) and she will occassionally grace us with a smile. She has started to babble and she may or may not have reached out for things on purpose. I think her eyesight is getting better as well. She seems to notice us when we are further away. And when we take her out these days she is much more apt to stay awake and look around. She really enjoyed Dufferin Mall and Home Depot last week!

And of course there was Halloween on Wednesday. We weren't going to do anything with her this year even though Joe and I love Halloween. But when Joe was out buying candies, he saw some costumes and had to get one for her. She wasn't too impressed, and slept through the whole thing.

Next year we will go all out though.

The other thing that seems to have gotten away from Joe and I are taking the weekly pictures. We missed week 6 and the week 8 one is just by chance and not on the blanket. (we were at the one month birthday banquet of her cousin)

Today is her two month check up. She gets her first round of vaccinations today. Wish us luck!