Wednesday, 28 March 2007

All I do is dream

The wacky dreams have started, but funny enough, they aren't about the baby! For the last couple of nights I've had rather alarming dreams where Joe has mysteriously (or not) vanished.
The dreams are never about our relationship breaking down or anything like that. In fact, it's always pretty clear that we are just as close as ever. The circumstances are more that he becomes distracted and forgets about me, leaving me to fend for myself, or in one of the dreams, I leave the house where he's busy making dinner for me and when I try to get back to the house both the house and Joe are gone.
I suspect that it's my subconcious playing out my fears that once the baby arrives, Joe's attention will be focused on the baby and I will be pushed to the background. We've talked about this and he's assured me that this will not happen, but my abandonment issues run very deep.
I do find it strange that the baby never makes an appearance in my dreams. Joe has been dreaming of it though. From what he tells me, they are rather strange dreams where I give birth to a freakishly intelligent baby that can speak right away.


Craftygrrrl said...

Chris had similar dreams to Joe's...I wonder if it is a common theme among geek dad's to be?

he also had a dream where the baby had laser eyes and thus preformed it's own c-section...

Jean-Anne said...

jaTo ensure they stay close, my friend Lori and her husband make date once a week. It is always out of the house without infant. Doing something that they both enjoy. It is working for them. It is a little costly since you will have to get a baby sitter. But you have more then enough volunteers.
I hear that weird dreams are very common for both sides of the couple.

Maria said...

Or Merth! He was born being an adult.