Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The sugar test came back and I technically don't have gestational diabetes. The doctor is still a bit concerned that one of the three blood samples came back elevated though. So I have to see a dietitian again. It's a bit frustrating because I know what the dietitian will say - eat more vegetables and high fibre starches and cut down on white bread and high in sugar foods. I know this. I just maybe don't follow it very strictly all the time.
I really do think my initial high sugar reading was a result of all the leftovers from my birthday party. I was eating sugary desserts every day for three weeks before that first test. Thank god it's mostly all gone now.
I was also surprised yesterday that my weight went down again. Two weeks ago, I came in at 164lbs (up from 158lbs the month before) and now I'm back down to 161lbs. was that also due to my cutting down on the sugary foods?
And to end on an exciting note, in two weeks we will be getting another ultrasound. I've booked it as a 3-D one so hopefully we'll actually be able to see what she looks like!


Jean-Anne said...

Good news!!!!! 3-D oh so cool!!!!

Michael said...

We were told that sugar would make the baby huge, and kerri had been hooked on Slurpees while emma was in the womb, she cut back and emma was born a sensible size, but it gave a bit of a spook when the drs said that.

oooooo 3-D, too bad Joe can't get the wireframe out of the ultrasound ;-)

Knitting Mama said...

Send me an email at graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com so I can email you back from your comment on my blog!!

Erin said...

hey joyce! i bet you're getting huge!! coffee sometime soon? i have the week of june 25-july 2 off.