Monday, 30 March 2009

The downside of all this happy crappy isn't it great she's growing up stuff, is the fact that she can now make her demands quite clear.
When she first said the word 'cookie' it was simply adorable. Now, she not only says cookie, but she also tells us which kind (usually 'mum mum') and if we're out of them, won't really take kindly to the animal cracker substitution.
She doesn't passively sit and watch whatever happens to be on the tv anymore either. She will insist on seeing 'Elbo' (Elmo) or 'happy' (Youtube videos). And no, she doesn't want to sing 'eieieiei' (Old Macdonald) she wants to sing 'tink'(Twinkle Twinkle Little Star')
And that sweet little girl who always put her arm into the sleeve so helpfully, has morphed into a crazy child who has to dress herself entirely, or there will be trouble. We're talking, if you even try and make sure she isn't pulling on her shirt through the neckline, she freaks out and refuses to wear that shirt anymore. We now have to factor in at least an extra 15 minutes for getting her dressed in the morning. Then again, we can just leave her with the clothes and go do something else.

the one thing that she does these days that is just 100% adorable is her 'okay'. She never says 'yes'. It's always 'okay' with a little nod. She always says it in a 'that's a great idea you had, sure I'll go along with it' kind of way. It cracks me up every time.

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pink_peony said...

Princess Zoƫ can do whatever she wants!!! You are just her servants!!!

She is so cute!!! What about pictures?????