Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My baby is not a baby anymore.

Z turns 2 today, but I've been saying she's 2 for a little while now. It's easier than saying 'almost 2' or '23 months' or whatever, but also because she's acting older now. We look at her and see a kid much more than we see a baby or really even a toddler. She rolled her eyes at Joe a couple of weeks ago!

For posterity, some of the things about her right now that I want to remember.
She's finally saying 'yes' instead Ok.
She is the politest kid around. She says 'please', 'thank you', 'you're welcome', 'bless you' and 'excuse me' when she wants to pass someone.
Her newest favourite phrase is 'it's so cute!' about just about anything she likes.
Every time she sees a plane or a motorcycle she has to comment on it.
She loves the water and is always trying to swim in the wading pool and in the bathtub.
When we take our nightly walks, she insists that she doesn't want the stroller, but much to Joe's chagrin, by the time we're 10 houses away, she insists that he pick her up.
She can finish off an entire adult sized ice cream cone by herself.
She's scared of thunder, but she still insists on sitting in front of our back door to watch rainstorms.
She loves blowing bubbles.
She loves to give raspberries.
She loves to play 'Robot' and run around with her hands outstretched behind her yelling 'Super Zoe!'
She always makes me draw robots and she always makes her dad draw happy faces.
Every night we watch an old school Dr. Who before bed. (she loves K-9) At leaast, it's on in the background. But when the end credit music comes on, she grabs whatever she wants to take to bed with her and goes into her crib with no fuss whatsoever.
In the mornings she reads to herself in her crib forever. (except for that one time when Joe wasn't quick enough to get her and she started calling out 'Daddy, where are you?')

There are so many other things. I'm trying to freeze everything about her at this age in my mind, but she changes so quickly and every change is so incredible and wonderful that it's hard to do.

Happy Birthday Sweetie. I love you.


Aven said...

Happy birthday! I know what you mean about how you want to remember everything, but each time something changes, the new thing is so wonderful, too! So delightful. (And exasperating, exhausting, worrying, etc... but it's her birthday, let's just think about the wonderful!).

Dr. Steph said...

Happy Birthday Z! You're raising a great kid J!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Zoe!