Saturday, 8 December 2007

I was going to write a post that was all sunshine and roses about how she is now 3 months old and where does the time go yadda yadda, but it seems like the time got all saved up for days like today where minutes seemed liked hours.
For the last couple of days it's been really hard to settle her down for a nap and she always seems to want to be on the breast, but half the time she just plays there. I called my sister in a right state today and she asked if she was drooling a lot, and if so, the problem might be teething. I had to admit that the drool factor had definitely risen lately, to the point that I was considering putting a bib on her in an attempt to keep her clothes dry.
If this is her teething, Joe and I are in for a long year. She was completely bi-polar today screaming and babbling happily in turn. We tried to take her out in her stroller tonight because we were both a bit too tired to really want to carry her (and it's tough to fit her into the sling Joe uses with her snowsuit on) but we needed the air. She screamed the entire time in there. In the end I had to sling her up to get us home without completely shattering our nerves.
Also today, she was very clingy with me. Every time I left her with Joe for even the shortest time, she would start fussing, then the inevitable screaming. In the end we had to dose her with baby tempra and 2 ounces of formula to get her to calm down and sleep. Of course with all that in her, she'll sleep for hours now.

It is pretty exciting that she's 3 months now though. She babbles a lot now. I was sitting in the mall yesterday and she loved watching the people around us and was talking to them as they all passed. She's holding her head up enough that I tried her in the Bumbo seat. That seemed to be a success. She's also starting to reach for things and bat them around.
The most exciting thing is she seems to have a favourite toy and song. She loves talking to her Baby Clutch Cube and it can generally hold her attention for a few minutes. She also loves the song, Roly Poly Up Up Up (sung to the tune of Frere Jaques) that I learned from the library story time. I'm not sure if she just likes the fact that I swing her high up then low down with the song, but she laughs and the second time I sing it in a row, she starts smiling right away.

For pictures this time, we have week 12 and week 13 as well as the first time in the bumbo and putting up the christmas tree with dad! Exciting times!


Craftygrrrl said...

Oh she's lovely! If it's any consolation Liam has started the early teething as well.

pink_peony said...

Positive thoughts to you, Zoe and Joe.

But does she look cute in her bumbo. It really compliments her colouring.


mrs.t said...

Besides teething, you could be dealing with growth spurt weeks: three months, six months and twelve months. My kids were like clockwork: they'd suddenly start nursing every hour, between crying bouts I would look at the calendar and say, "oh, this kid is six months."

Donna said...

mrs. t is likely right on the growth spurt. Without fail every time the Ash-lad starts eating constantly he seemed to sprout overnight. Having said that it doesn't explain the drooling...

My sympathies are with you on the frustration line though. Having just dealt with a round of colds here it was getting to the point where he woke up crying, didn't want to eat breakfast, was good at daycare but then came home and pretty much cried until he went to bed then slept horribly. It it frustrating while it is happening and there is nothing you can do but grit your teeth and try to get out of the house.

Good luck and take care!