Thursday, 20 March 2008

This is what happens when I don't blog in a while. So much has happened in the last few weeks with the little one that it will take a long post to catch up!

Starting with 3 weeks ago (!), we started her on solid food! She had her first taste of sweet potato and then a couple of days later she had some congee that my mom had made. My mom was so excited about the whole solid food thing (I suspect, partially because she still thinks I don't have enough milk to sustain a growing baby - contrary to the evidence.) that she also went out and got some arrowroot cookies for Z. She has also had squash (which was from my mom's garden) and carrot. We'll be branching out to apple and peas soon. She only has solid food once a day right now, usually in the evening but that will be expanding soon. She really likes the veggies but will generally only eat the rice when I mix it in with the veggies. I think it is too bland for her.

here she is with her first meal of sweet potato

Of course one of the down sides of having her eating solids is that when we are eating and she isn't, she gets a bit upset. This more than anything else is making me anxious to get to the point where she's eating what we're eating.
Those cookies though. If I want to distract her from a meltdown, all I have to do is hold a cookie in front of her and she calms down immediately. I've used it to good effect in restaurants already. And since she's big enough to sit in high chairs in restaurants, going out to eat with her is a lot easier.

Something else that has made going out a little easier is the Ergo carrier that I just bought. It's the same idea as the mei tai, but it's a bit more structured and it has buckles instead of just being tied. I lasted as long as I could with my mom's mei tai, but it was really starting to hurt my back. I will still use it because it is so much more convenient to stuff in a bag, but I don't think I will be using it for our big afternoon walks anymore. The Ergo distributes the weight a bit more evenly so there is less on my shoulders and more on my hips. Also Joe is really comfortable using it. I bought it a week ago and Joe has already used it 4 times. The only problem I have with it is that she can't face out in it, (there's the answer to your question Sandi) but she's not accustomed to it so it doesn't bother her. She's used to looking at things over my shoulder.

Monday was her 6 month checkup (she was 6mos 3 weeks) and everything was peachy until the needles of course. She weighed 15 and a half pounds which means she jumped percentiles. She was in the 10th but is now closer to the 25th. As for her height the doctor said she was off the charts, but I think she measured wrong. She got 77 cm or 30 inches, but I just measured her and it's more like 71cm (28inches). Still in the 90's though. As my sister said, she seems tall, but not freakishly so.
In other weight news, I also had my checkup and it seems I am 145lbs. I've been over 150lbs for probably over 8 years, so this is kind momentous for me. Joe is now a believer in my radical "baby as weight loss program" idea.

In the last big news of the month, she is making great progress on the crawling front! A couple of nights ago, we went to bed as usual but she was really restless. She would nurse for a bit then try to roll over (she was surrounded by pillows to keep her from shimmying off the bed and the pillows were hampering her usual rolling action). When she finally managed it she gave me such a big, self satisfied grin, it was hilarious. But she wasn't through. She then got her butt up and started lurching forward. She's never really done this while she was awake so I let her go for it. When she started to get some real forward movement happening I had to call Joe in so he could see it. When he came in the room, she did her lurching forward movement and looked up and gave him another huge self satisfied smile. And she would keep doing that - inch forward and smile at her dad. We ended up playing with her for about an hour on the bed until she got really tired and her crawling turned more into just rolling to get to places.
The next morning, I put her down to see if she could keep going, but she got really frustrated when she started mostly going backwards. It is so hard to see her get so frustrated. I want to help her out, but I know she just has to figure this one out all by herself.

I've got week 26 and 28. I misplaced the camera for week 27. Oh well.


Craftygrrrl said...

Yay Zoe! Good going with the Crawling!

For long trips I'm now carrying Liam in either the backpack or he's in the stroller.

He has also started on the solids and LOVES ripe pears in his Mesh Feeder.

Not An Artist said...

Awesome, so I can bring extra beer & chips for Zoe then, right?

Oh Baby! said...

great to run into you and Z and the ergo yesterday.

Maria said...

You know what? I look and look and look, and my favourit picture is the one just below this post, the Feb 26 pic. Do you think you can send it to me in high def? I wanna print it and frame it. She is so cute :) :)