Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Look who can sit unsupported! She's still a bit unsteady, but getting better every day.

I think she's getting ready for another developmental spurt too. Craftygrrrl pointed me to a great blog- Ask Moxie that had a link to the book The Wonder Weeks. It's about how, at certain weeks, babies are working out stuff in preparation for cognitive and physical advancements. Unfortunately, while they are working everything out, their sleep patterns get screwed up. (as if I wasn't having enough trouble already!) There's a big one at around 26 weeks. And right on cue, the last few nights she's been waking up every couple of hours. Yesterday, Joe came in to bed around 4am and found her trying to crawl in her sleep. After a few minutes of it, she woke herself up and wouldn't sleep for an hour. And this morning around 4:30, she started to cry in her sleep which also eventually woke her up. She didn't get back to sleep until about 8am. It's 9:30 and she's still asleep in the sling. I think she's also got a small cold. She's been sniffing like crazy the last couple of days.

At least it isn't like last week. A week ago, she woke in the middle of the night. I started feeding her when I realized that she was really warm. She usually runs a little hot, but this seemed different. We took her temperature and it was higher than normal. Not scary out of control (it was high 38C/low 39C), but enough to concern us seeing that this was our first experience with a fever. A long wait on the telehealth line later we were reassured that it was merely a low grade fever and were told we should just wait it out and not give her any tempra (too late) because the fever was probably trying to fight something and as long as it stayed below 40C it was fine (for a day or two at least). She and I spent the next day cuddling on the couch watching one of our favourite video stores burn down. At least that distracted me from the thought that the fever was burning away valuable brain cells and she was never going to be the same. Thankfully, by bedtime on Wednesday, she was back to her old self, giggling while her dad fluffed the pillows and covered her with the sheets.

Here are the week 24 and week 25 shots.

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Sandi Purl said...

what a cutie! thanks for the wonder weeks link and the carry me one as well. are u still going on tuesday nights? i'm very curious. perhaps i could tag along one night? xo