Sunday, 3 February 2008

She just passed the 5 month mark yesterday and I'm starting to think about the routines that we have and haven't gotten into. I'm especially worried about bedtimes.
Our current routine is for the two of us to go into bed about 10pm and we lie in bed together, maybe I read her a book, but mostly feeding, until she goes to sleep around midnight (and usually I fall asleep too) and a bit later Joe comes in and moves her to the crib where she'll usually sleep for the rest of the night. (It used to be straight through until about 8am, but lately she's been getting up around 3 or 4 for another feed).
I'm thinking of moving our going to bed time to around 9pm and getting it less dependent on being on my breast, but I just don't know how to go about doing that last part!
Sometimes, if she's really groggy, we can put her into her crib and walk away, but this is really rare. Usually, if we put her in her crib awake, she will lie there for a few minutes playing with her feet or what have you, but then she will start to cry and nothing but picking her up will stop it.
Any ideas?

here's the week 21 shot as well as one of Zoƫ doing physically what her mom only does metaphorically

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Bones said...

She is beautful!

As for feeding. At three months we started giving Willow organic formula at night to help her mellow. She drinks about six ounces, nurses for a bit and then passes out. I find it more satisfying for everyone -- she doesn't feed for hours at a time in the evenings anymore. She is a hungry kid! The la leche league may disown me, but it's working really well for us.