Friday, 6 February 2009

I've been meaning to post for months now, but It's just been so busy around here that it's hard to squeeze out the few minutes at a computer to do it!

Despite the crappy weather, Joe has been taking the child out to the drop in centre in our neighbourhood. She loves it there. She gets to run around a huge space and interact with tons of kids.

the only problem is that she doesn't seem to be too fond of story/circle time there. In the last week, she's been getting up in the middle of circle time, grabbing her dad's hand and walking him out of the room. A couple of time she did this right at the beginning as soon as she realized what was going on. I'm not sure what this bodes for her future in the academic world, but at least she knows her mind.

Other things going on these days, we think we entered the 18 month sleep regression (she just turned 17mos earlier this week) a couple of weeks ago. She's usually a great sleeper, but lately, she won't go to sleep at bedtime and Joe has to walk her around before she knocks off about 2 hours later than usual. If we're lucky, that's it, but a couple of times she's woken up at 3am and it takes another 2 hours for her to get back to sleep. Unfortunately for Joe, after all that, she still wakes up at about the same time as usual in the morning.
Possibly related to that is the fact that her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. We now have to really watch what we say around her because she WILL repeat it.
Among other things, she can say coat, hat, shoe, milk, apple and cookie (funny, she says that one all the time). She can say and point to her (and anyone else's) nose, ear, mouth, teeth, eye, toes and bellybutton, and when asked, she can tell you what the sheep, cow, chicken and pig say.

I really can't believe how big she's gotten. We keep looking at her and going 'wow, she's a kid now!'

Oh, and we've started the toilet training. well, sort of. I put her on the seat once a day for as long as she will stay and if we're lucky, something happens. We haven't been very lucky yet.

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pink_peony said...

You are right, you have a kid!!! A darn cute determined kid!!!