Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A sleep update:
Her sleeping is definitely better than it was last week! In addition to the fact that she has slept through the night for a few days now - to the extent that Joe had to wake her up at 11am this morning, I have been successful in putting her in her crib while she is WIDE AWAKE a couple of times now.
Our usual bedtime routine is we brush our teeth, we change into our jammies and she comes to bed with me and nurses until she falls asleep. There is usually some reading and playing in there too.
After she falls asleep, Joe usually takes her into her room where she sleeps for the night.
It was all great until she stopped falling asleep while nursing. She was clearly tired and would pretend to sleep, but she was very awake.
The first couple of times it happened, Joe would take her and walk around with her until she finally passed out. This usually took a couple of hours. Then one night, everyone was exhausted and I told Joe to just put her in her crib and we would deal with the fallout. As expected, she cried when he put her in. So he took her out again, but instead of strapping her into the carrier and walking her, he just stayed in the dark room and held her until she calmed down (a couple of minutes tops). When she was quiet again, he put her back in the crib. She stayed calm while he tucked her in and left the room. That was it for the night.
I was so impressed by this, that the next night when she was refusing to nurse, I asked if she wanted to go to her crib. When she finally said yes (after I asked a few times) I grabbed her and put her into the crib. She cried, I picked her up and cuddled her, I put her back into the crib and left the room. As I left, she gave a halfhearted cry and that was all.
Last night, she stopped nursing before falling asleep again. I picked her up and took her to her crib. She fought being put into it, but I stayed in the room and just soothed her for a couple of minutes. after a while, I was able to put her down. She was still wide awake but didn't fight as I tucked her in and left the room.
It was strange. We could hear her moving around and we could hear some of her toys jangling for quite a while after I left, but no babbling and certainly no crying.
We are kinda stunned that it is this easy and are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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pink_peony said...

Sounds like a break-thru. You guys sound like pros.