Saturday, 26 January 2008

Haven't written in a while! First we all got sick, then the router went down. (But then Joe fixed it. My hero!)
We made it through her first cold pretty well. This was something I had been fearing, but because of the breastfeeding, she only got a bit snotty. Joe and I fared a lot worse. And of course, out of the three of us, I am the one that's still feeling it.

First, her doctor's appointment. She had her 4 month checkup at the beginning of the month. She weighed in at 12lb 5oz, so she's on the same growth rate as before, and she was 26 inches long. The needles were just as traumatic this time,if not more. She wasn't hungry this time, so she didn't want to breastfeed while it was being done. Instead she was looking right at the doctor. When she got the first shot, the look of shock and betrayal on her face before she started screaming was just heartbreaking.

It'a weird how much she's changed in the last little while. Everyone has been commenting on it when they see her. She's a lot less newbornish, and really starting to show more character. A couple of days ago she was playing with Joe and she laughed for no reason that we could figure out. Joe wasn't doing anything that would cue her to laugh, she just found something funny. Then again today, we were all watching Family Guy and twice, she spontaneously laughed at something on the tv with no prompting from us. It's nice to know that she has a sense of humour. We were positive we were going to end up with a sullen child.

She's getting the hang of Peek-A-Boo. She loves it when Joe plays it with her, but when I play it with her, I notice she gets a really worried look on her face. I'm usually holding her when she plays with Joe so I don't know if she looks worried with him too, but I think she gets concerned that I won't come back.

She's also a lot more comfortable on her stomach. She can hold her head and shoulders up no problem. When we go to the library for storytime she really watches the older babies crawling around and tries to figure out what they are doing. She doesn't quite have it yet, but she's trying!

It's really neat seeing her develop. And it seems to be happening in such a huge burst. In the last month her hand eye co-ordination has really improved (she's no longer sticking things into her eye instead of her mouth), she's started noticing and interacting with her environment (the cats are starting to be scared of her!), She's babbling a LOT more, and her sleeping/nap schedule has started to become very regular.

Ok, enough of this. I'll try to be less boring next time.
I've got week 17, 18, 19 and 20 pictures. I forgot to take the week 17 one on the blanket so instead, it's her first time in her excersaucer.


Craftygrrrl said...

Zoe is looking lovely!

First colds are super freaky, I was calling my parents daily during Abi's first.

Oh Baby! said...

not boring at all! i love reading all about it. and i love when you two come out and hang.
she is such a good girl.

I hope i have a Zoe too!