Saturday, 5 January 2008

Yesterday she turned over from her back to her belly 3 times! Unfortuntely Joe was the only witness as I was napping. Hopefully I'll get to see her do it today.


Craftygrrrl said...

So COOL!!!!

Liam seems to be getting close to rolling himself too. He can get on to his side then gets tired. I'm hoping he does it this weekend so Chris can see it.

Bones said...

Hooray! The milestones are pretty mind blowing. At least, for me....I am spending a lot of time watching 'the baby channel' :)

Went to the Purple Pearl -- So sweet AND baby-friendly. I love them. Love them!

Let me know when you want to take Queen East by storm.

Oh Baby! said...

ahhh...roll over Zoë baby!

Maria said...

Napping, good!

pink_peony said...

Congrats Zoe, see I told you were good at your job!!