Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Today is a big day here for two reasons. It's Zoë's 4 month birthday and it's also the anniversary of the day I realized I was pregnant.

I remember it well. It had been an interesting December for us last year. Joe was having a bad month and was feeling pretty down and I had spent the entire month either feeling like I was coming down with a cold or getting drunk at various holiday get togethers. It wasn't until the night of the first that I realized I hadn't gotten my period yet and it had been due about 5 days earlier. So I dug out the second pregnancy test of a two pack I had bought earlier in the year thinking: I'll do the test first thing in the morning. That should trigger my period like it always does.
So in the middle of getting ready to go back to work the next day, I dutifully peed on the stick. The test result showed up pretty quickly but I waited the full 5 minutes or so to make sure it didn't change. Then, not quite believing what was happening, I went into the bedroom and woke up Joe. I shoved the test at him and asked him what it meant. he very groggily said 'How should I know? Where's the box?' I gave it to him, he read the instructions and said 'It means you're pregnant.' He later told me that he was pretty pissed off at the time to be woken up after only a couple of hours of sleep - he generally sleeps from 4 or 5am to about noon- to tell me something that was self evident. But he was too out of it to realize exactly what it was he was telling me.
I spent the rest of the day in a bit of a daze. Poor Joe though, once he realized what was going on he couldn't get back to sleep and apparently kept having anxiety attacks because he didn't know how to register the child for kindergarten.

ok, enough of that nostalgia stuff.
Zoë had a great Christmas and got her sleeping schedule screwed up for a week. She got lots of clothes and a couple of small toys. Of course she had no clue what was going on and I enjoyed that because I know next year she will be insane!

pictures this time - week 16 and opening presents!


Craftygrrrl said...

Three seems to be the magic number for "getting" Christmas. Abi was hysterical this year and hit near sonic levels of squealing when she discovered that Santa ate the cookies, drank his milk and took the celery for the reinedeer. Then she discovered the stockings and gifts...

Oh Baby! said...

happy month-day Zoë!!

Dani said...

She is so cute Joyce, I hope that you all enjoyed your first three-person family Christmas!

Maria said...

Like 4 days before that we totally went to a party and got drunk (Jay's), did you feel like you were sick? I don't remember, I remember James was sick. We played Wii.