Sunday, 25 February 2007

Since we got the ultrasound done on Friday, we've made a start at telling our friends the news. I can't believe how much fun it is. Everyone is happy and excited for us of course, but a big reaction is shock. Joe thinks it's because we've been together for so long that people assumed if we wanted kids, we would have had them by now. It's going to be really fun at knitting on Wednesday night because I am apparently the dark horse in the baby sweepstakes at stitch and bitch.
One unexpected side benefit of starting to tell people is getting stuff! When I told my friend Stef yesterday, she immediately started going through her closets and pulling out things she used during her pregnancy last year.
In addition to a crapload of maternity clothes, she also lent us a fetal monitor and microphone. These things are the coolest. We can't hear anything yet with the monitor (trust me, we tried), but we did use the microphone to talk to the fetus. Stef says that when she was pregnant, she used to sing the ABC song to the fetus, and now, the song totally chills her son out. So we're planning a steady stream of the Doctor Who theme and Blur. With maybe a smattering of Cole Porter tunes.


Craftygrrrl said...

We have to remember to get a picture of the look on Stephanie's face when you tell her for Denny.

Donna said...

Speaking of clothes... darn I should have given you some last night when you two were here. Next time though, I do still have a few pieces. Not much but a few!

BTW it really is still too cool! Thanks for coming out last night!