Monday, 26 February 2007

So Sunday night, after a lovely evening with some friends and their adorable almost 1 year old,
we got home and I was suddenly overwhelmed by the enormity of what was happening. The amount of responsibility that we were taking on started to really scare me. There seemed to be an unending string of decisions that we needed to start making about everything. Some of them really important like birthplans, names, and whether to have certain tests done. Some of them not so much like what kind of stroller and playyard to get.
But since every question was going to affect my child directly, they all seemed to take on epic proportions. It was maddening. I was feeling paralyzed by indecison already!
Joe's advice was to just concentrate on each thing as it crops up, and I try to, but it's really difficult. I'm a list maker by nature, I like to have everything ready and organized in my head well in advance. But everytime I start trying to concentrate on one thing, I think of all the others I'm not concentrating on and I freak out that I'll never get any of it resolved. I just keep going around and around in this not very productive circle. It's starting to drive me insane and that's starting to drive Joe insane.


Jean-Anne said...

Just remember that there are tons of people to support you and we are all saying of course Joyce and Joe can do it!!!! Remember you are not alone.

michael said...

the nesting instinct has many manifestations. Kerri Jo used to re-arrange furniture.
Joe's right, concentrate on one thing at a time. Birth plans are to make you feel better, they don't actually have any relation to real life and what will actually happen. Don't sweat the birth plan.

Craftygrrrl said...

If it makes you feel any better this was my birth plan:

1) Have healthy baby.
2) have me be healthy after the birth to take care of Baby.

That was about as far as I got. I figured as long as Jr. was healthy how she got here was here nor there. Pregnancy made me very Zen about a lot of stuff which really freaked out a bunch of people.

You will both do fine and these little OCD moments will pass and then be replaced by something else. It's all good and ain't nothing compared to those first three months after Jr. arrives.

My advice: Bank some sleep now!!!

Sandi Purl said...

congratulations! what wonderful news! sending you positively positive vibes!